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Ways to Give

When making a charitable gift to the Foundation, donors may wish to consider utilizing one of the following assets or giving vehicles.


Appreciated Securities that have been owned for more than 1 year make great charitable gifts and may be transferred directly to the Foundation. Capital gains can be avoided by donating securities directly to the Foundation rather than selling the securities first and then making the donation. Before making a transfer, please contact us to make sure we are aware of incoming funds. For your convenience, below are some brokers who can facilitate the transfer:

DTC: 0164
Account #:6763-6802
Account Name:
Jewish Foundation of Memphis
Broker of Record:
Legacy Wealth,
Charles Jalenak, 901-758-9006
DTC: 0221
Account #: MN03430
Account Name:
Memphis Jewish Foundation
Broker of Record:
Elliot Kiersky, 415-3039,
DTC: 0226
Account #: TN2-147937
Account Name:
Jewish Foundation of Memphis
Gail Tencer 901-415-7047


Cash contributions are fully deductible to the degree allowed by the Internal Revenue Service. You can donate via credit card or mail a check to Sheri Gadberry – 6560 Poplar Ave. Germantown, TN 38138


Bequests may be stated within a will as a specific amount, a particular asset, a percentage of the estate or as a remainder of an estate. For legacy planning, please contact Sheri Gadberry for a consultation.

Retirement Assets

Donors may name their favorite charity as the beneficiary of their qualified retirement account. This is a simple and tax-wise way to establish a legacy gift as the asset transfers to the charity upon the death of the donor avoiding taxation that would be due if it had gone to heirs.

Real Estate

JFM Realty, Inc was established to accept charitable gifts of real estate. Since its founding, JFM Realty has accepted and sold 11 charitable gifts of real estate.  Each potential real estate gift is carefully evaluated according to set standards by the JFM, Inc board of directors. Examples of ideal gifts include homes and vacant land.

Non-Cash Assets

Charitable gifts can be any asset that has value.  The Jewish Foundation has expertise in facilitating non-cash gifts such as art work, stamp collections, and other collectibles. Contact Sheri Gadberry to discuss possible assets you’d like to donate.

Qualified Charitable Distribution from Retirement Plans

Although Donor Advised Funds are not eligible to receive lifetime contributions from IRAs and other qualified plans, donors may consider supporting their favorite charity or a specific fund of the Foundation with a current gift of retirement assets up to $100,000 annually.  Although no charitable deduction is realized, the distribution is not counted as ordinary income in the year it is distributed.

Life Insurance

Presently the Jewish Foundation owns 25+ life insurance policies.  These were purchased by donors wishing to make a large charitable gift at the end of their lifetime.  A new policy may be purchased or an existing policy can be given.  Depending on the structure of the policy, any premiums paid to the Foundation are treated as a charitable donation by the donor.


The Foundation is pleased to work with you and your advisor in considering a trust for your charitable legacy gifts.  In some cases the trust can provide you with lifetime payments or it can be structured to support your favorite charity for a term of years and then return the asset to future generations.

Privately Held Stock

Is your business structured as an S corporation?  Consider gifting your S corp stock to the Foundation to fund your charitable interests.  The Foundation has the resources to assist you and your advisor in leveraging appreciated S corp securities for a donation with maximum tax efficiency.

*The Jewish Foundation of Memphis is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services.