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Donor Advised Funds

Philanthropy your way.

The Foundation is strengthened by the individuals and families who utilize Donor Advised Funds to fulfill their charitable giving needs. Donor advised funds are established with an initial gift of $5,000 to the Jewish Foundation. This gift is placed into an account bearing a name specified by the donor. Donors choose how the funds are invested and may make additional gifts to the fund at any time.

Important Fund Information

Open a Fund Today

Combine generosity with ease and tax efficiency.
Establish a Donor Advised Fund for as little as $5,000.

Donor Advised Funds are a great way to manage your charitable giving, support the Jewish community and involve successive generations in tzedakah. When you open a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Foundation of Memphis, you benefit from the expertise of trained Foundation staff. Our staff will work with you and your family in managing your investment.  Minimum gift to open a Donor Advised Fund is $5,000. Grant recommendations can be made online. Open your fund today by completing the fund application and emailing it to Sheri Gadberry at

Endowment Option
  • Vanguard VIAS Portfolio
Vanguard Options
  • Vanguard Short Term Bond Index
  • Vangaurd Life Strategy Conservative Growth (VSCGX)
  • Vanguard Life Strategy Growth
  • Vanguard Life Strategy Income (VASIX)
  • Vanguard Life Strategy Moderate Growth (VSMGX)
  • Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VSTAX)
Other Options
  • JLens
  • Israel Stock Fund (ISRA)
  • Cash
Vanguard VIAS Portfolio

VIAS has invested the portfolios 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds within the United States and internationally.  We use a combination of index and actively managed Vanguard mutual funds to achieve the 60/40 mix.  The objective of the portfolios are to provide long-term growth while also supporting near-term spending needs.  Thus, equities are used to provide greater long-term growth potential while bonds are used to protect the portfolio in the short-term from the higher expected volatility of equities. Expense Ratio .24%

Vanguard Short Term Bond Index (VBIRX):

100% Bonds; Expense Ratio .07%

Vanguard Life Strategy Conservative Growth (VSCGX):

40% Stocks/60% Bonds; Expense Ratio .12%

Vanguard Life Strategy Income (VASIX):

20% Stocks/80% Bonds; Expense Ratio .11%

Vanguard Life Strategy Moderate Growth (VSMGX):

60% Stocks/40% Bonds; Expense Ratio .13%

Vanguard Life Strategy Growth (VASGX):

80% Stocks/20% Bonds; Expense Ratio .14%

Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX):

100% US Stocks; Expense Ratio .04%


The JLens’ Jewish Advocacy Strategy is a values-based S&P 500 Index strategy that aligns with Jewish values and advocates for communal concerns in the Socially Responsible Investing and Corporate Social Responsibility movements. The Jewish Advocacy Strategy portfolio consists of approximately 300 companies selected based on a scoring system for 6 Jewish values. Expense Ratio .50%

Israel Stock Fund (ISRA)

Maximum 20%
The Israel Stock Fund is an investment in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) that seeks to replicate the return of the BlueStar Israel Global Index. The Index ETF offers an efficient, diversified exposure to a range of Israeli companies, both large and small. Expense Ratio .60%


Principal Protection – Funds invested in 100% money market funds, CDs, and/or cash equivalents in government insured accounts at local and national banks.

Investment Committee

Andy Saslawsky, Anthony Morrison, Cara Baer, Charles Jalenak, Chip Greer,  Cindy Finestone, Eileen Posner, Elkan  Scheidt, Gary Kaplan, Harry Goldsmith, Howard Silver, Irvin Skopp, Janice Ringel, Jerome Makowksy, Joe Pierce, Ken Steinberg, Lauren Rower, Lee Harkavy, Mark Fogelman, Pace Cooper, R. Daniel Mansberg , Richard Lewis, Ron Belz, Stanley Bilsky, Terri Mendelson

“When fundholders partner with the Jewish Foundation of Memphis to achieve their goals, they benefit from the expertise of advisors, staff and lay leaders. I am proud to have served as a 2nd generation board chair of an organization that makes a real difference in people’s lives in my Jewish community and around the world.”

Charles JalenakInvestment Committee Chair
Foundation Board Chair, 2017-2019